Christenings, Baptisms and Confirmations are significant steps Christians take at different points in their spiritual journeys. Some are introduced to faith at a young age by their parents and are therefore Christened as a baby. Once they are old enough to make the commitment to Christ for themselves, they may choose to be confirmed at a young adult. Others may have not been brought up in a Christian household and have come to discover their faith at a later stage and choose to be baptised as an adult.

Whatever age we come to faith, Jesus loves us the same, and treats us equally. The act of turning to Jesus in faith, repenting of sins and moving in a fresh direction in life is a wonderfully freeing experience. Though God never promises us an easy journey just for being a follower of Jesus; He is always there for us and when we follow Him we know there is always hope in life.

You can read more about Christenings, Confirmations and Baptisms at the Church of England website The Church of England has launched this website to help new parents wondering what to do about baptism or christenings.  It is a central resource for parents, godparents and christening guests.  “For a lot of families having a baby is such an overwhelming think that they want in some way to say thank you and also have a real sense of blessing for their child.” So says the Revd Dr Sandra Millar, Head of Projects and Development for the Archbishops’ council.  She goes on: ” so coming to talk to the Church, to find out the best way to do that and whether having a child baptised at a christening is the right thing for them, is really helpful to parents.” With roughly 2200 children a week being baptised, and thousands more children encountering church life through other ways, the Church of England warmly welcomes children into the world-wide family of God.

If you would like your child to be christened at one of the King’s Wood churches, please contact us to find out more.