What happens if there’s a family bereavement, who do I turn to and how do I arrange a funeral?

Anybody who lives in the parishes of King’s Wood, those of all faiths and none, have the right to be buried in their local churchyard and have a Church of England funeral service in church.  It may also be possible for people who don’t live in the parishes but have a strong family connection

If you would like to arrange a funeral and/or burial at one of our churches you can tell the funeral director who will contact us, or you can contact us directly (see the Contact page on this website).  Even if you do not want a funeral or burial, feel free to contact us – our ministers are trained in helping people cope with bereavement and will offer a sympathetic ear.

To mark and recognise the loss of all those who have died, the King’s Wood Benefice is opening a virtual ”Condolence” book on our website for all those who have sadly passed away in our parishes.  So if you would like your loved one to be included please e-mail a photograph and a 200/250 word biography to: [email protected] and we will ensure that it is included in the book of condolence.